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Stand Through The Hard Times

      "People everywhere are being faced with challenges and situations that are beyond their control. Before you are faced with such a time remember that your value is well beyond the level of challenge found in your struggle. The greater the struggle the greater the opportunity to see your life transformed and transfigured. We need the heat and pressure of this life to bring the value of what is within to the surface. That value will be real in our lives for others to see. You are more than the hardships you face. 

      The challenges are not in your life to break you, burden you, bewilder you or any of the like. These challenges are for the sheer purpose of developing you into a truth seeker. Truth will always bring you beyond your present circumstances. You present circumstances will change as you allow them to change you from within. NO FEAR. NO SHAME. ONLY LOVE! 

      Stand through your hard times and you will give hope to those who are in need of a remedy for their own struggles. You have to overcome the struggles in order to give hope to the poeple in your sphere of influence that are follow after your faith. STAND and you will not fall. STAND and you will not be destroyed. STAND THROUGH ALL OF THE HARD TIMES... WE WILL STAND WITH YOU..."


"Together we triumphand it is attained collectively!!! "

L. Theophilus Watkins

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