Executive Director’s Message
a Community Development Corporation
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Triumph is for everyone!Hello my name is Theophilus Watkins Executive Director of Triumph Collective,  a Community-based Corporation serving the greater Mecklenburg, Union county and all surrounding counties. We at Triumph recognize the need to be active in society and available to the needs of our community. People are looking for solutions to their everyday challenges and need an advocate to share in their struggle as well as point them in the right direction. Triumph Collective is willing to do just that. People are hurting lost and looking for answers. Resources are at an all-time low and folks don't know where to go. Whether it is in support, training, coaching or mentoring we will be available to all. Let us know how you desire to triumph and we will walk with you to victory because Triumph is sweeter when collectively attained.


Being established to deal with limitations (disparities) facing the under classed, under developed and underprivileged in North Carolina. Triumph Collective will foster academic and financial development in addition to health awareness and core human resource development skills for the betterment and overall maturation of the misinformed and deprived in our society and communities abroad.


Triumph is sweeter when collectively attained!The Triumph Collective is an organization attentive to the needs, concerns and struggles of mankind beginning at the local level, county level and eventually state-wide. As a concerned people collectively we will cause our nation to triumph. Triumph Collective will have outreach programs, training courses, symposiums, seminars and services through affiliate partnership and in-house professionals certified to address teen pregnancy, drug use, high school drop-out rate, financial illiteracy, health disparities and wellness ignorance. TCCDC will bring positive change in the communities they serve at the lowest levels while raising the consciousness, ability and strength of the indigent of our society at large. Let's endeavor to accomplish these goals together as a people.




"Let's build dignity and confidence as well as our communities." - L. Theophilus Watkins